Costs & Subsidies


Busy Bodies Childcare is available all year apart from our annual holiday over Christmas & New Year period and the public holidays during the year. There is no charge for these days when our service is not available.

Pre-school Children

Standard Hours                            $6.00 per hour

Any Absence                                $6.00 per hour

Casual/ Conditional Care             $8.00 per hour        Based on attendance only.

Trained Teacher (educator)         $7.00 per hour

Casual Roster                              $7.00 per hour

Any Absence                                $7.00 per hour        Casual  *Absences can not be claimed

(No minimum hours required)

School Children

School Children                             $8.00 per hour

Any absence                                  $8.00 per hour

Weekend Care/ Casual

Pre-school Children                        $7.00 per hour         Casual   $8.00 per hour

Any  absence                                  $7.00 per hour         Casual   * Absences can not be claimed.


You are to provide your child with food for the duration of childcare. However, you also have the option of sending along $4 per day and the Educator will provide a healthy lunch for your child.  This is an arrangement between you and your chosen educator.

If your child has any special dietary requirements then we advise you to discuss this with your educator.


Busy Bodies arranges regular playgroups and daily outings in the community.

The above is provided at no cost to you.

Special excursions may have costs involved however, this would be arranged  with your child’s educator prior to the excursion taking place.


20 Hours ECE Subsidy

From your child’s 3rd birthday you will be entitled to receive up to 20 Hours ECE per week, with a maximum of 6 hours per day. Busy Bodies Childcare is a registered provider for this scheme and we will work with you to do the application required.

For more information on this go to Ministry of Eduction 20 hours ECE

Work and Income Childcare Subsidy (WINZ)

Childcare subsidies are available for families with children attending childcare services.  Entitlement for a childcare subsidy is dependant on the family income.  A formula is calculated to determine what fee is to be paid.

  • WINZ only pays for the hours that your child attends an early childhood service, so you need to be aware that any extra fee incurred not covered by your subsidy will be included in your fees.
  • Full fees are payable until the subsidy begins.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that your childcare subsidy renewals and change in circumstances are notified directly to WINZ.
  • Any change to your child’s contracted hours and days must be notified to the office, as this may affect your Subsidy
  • Families who receive 20 Hours ECE may also be eligible for the childcare subsidy to help them pay for childcare that is not covered by ECE.
  • ELP Early Learning Payment Ministry of Social Development Payments are charged at $7.00 per hour.

To apply for a childcare subsidy then visit the WINZ website to find all the forms and information you need.