How we work

Here is a step-by-step guide to finding care for your child

  • Fill out your “Wish List” of care requirements here and or phone our office.
  • We will be in touch within 24hrs and provide you with the full profiles of available/suitable educators, usually 2-3 so that you can read about them and their home
  • We will advise these educators that their details have been passed on to you and that you will be contacting them shortly
  • You can then phone the educators and arrange a suitable time to visit them in their home during the day
  • When scheduling your visit, we advise you to bring your child with you. Also feel free to bring your partner, other family member or friend if you wish
  • The educator will introduce themselves and tell you a little about their background, philosophy, show you around their home and tell you about their week program.
  • Busy Bodies childcare want you to feel comfortable with your decision and educators welcome as many questions as you would like to ask, such as:

What other children will be there at the same time as my child?

Can I see where she will sleep?

Are there any animals?

What other family members may be in the house during the day?

Will my child go on any outings in the community?

What experience do you have?

Do you have any early childhood education training?

Is there any change in care during school holidays?

Do you have references from any other parents?

What happens if you are sick/unavailable?

  • After you have visited the proposed educators  –  and we recommend that you do visit few even if you are happy with the first one so that you will see different environments – just phone the Busy Bodies office and let us know what your choice is and let us handle the rest.
  • We will then contact all the educators and let them know your decision

The educators that you do not choose will not be offended as they understand that parents have different requirements and some educators fit better than others.