Parent Zone

Following your child’s progress

Child/ Tamariki ePortfolio’s   –   Busy Bodies educators along with the support of their visiting teachers, have an important role in celebrating the child’s development and learning. The educators record observations throughout the intricate developments, magical moments, and changes of the infants, toddlers, and young children as they learn through play and interactions and then post them to each child’s individual online ePortfolio using the Storypark website.

Only parents, caregivers are sent updates of the ePortfolio and it is a great way to see lots of photos, videos and learning activities that your child is undertaking during their time with their educator.

Communication Books

We see this book  and an important part of our daily service which is designed especially for parent/whānau to write comments and communicate daily about, your child/ tamaiti, the service, the learning programmes and environment. The educator records each day’s events, what your child did, any outings, feeds, nappy changes and naps. Also, if there is anything you would like to change, this book is a good place to make a note of this for your educator.  We greatly appreciate your thoughts and feedback in written form for continued review practices and nurturing positive relationships with children and whānau to share.


A newsletter will be made available to every family, whānau on a Termly basis informing you of our learning programmes, upcoming educational workshops/ professional development, social calendar, staff developments, any new resources and other important relevant information to ensure that you are kept well informed.

Notice Board

Our Parent/whānau notice board is prominently displayed in the entrance to our office.  This display gives general information for parents/whanau about the service, staffing, policies and operational manuals, topics of interest, our Education Review Office Reports, and Early Childhood Regulations.  Educators have areas in their homes where they provide and inform parents/whanau about their daily programme.


Our website is designed for a variety of interactive purposes.  Firstly, to provide prospective families/whānau with an introduction to our service and a general overview of what childcare we can offer them. Secondly, it is a place you can go regularly for updates about our service, for example viewing events, workshops, current information, photos of your child, and also downloading appropriate forms as required.

 Parent Resource Library

The parent/whānau library can be accessed at the reception area in our offices.  The library provides access to information related to early childhood education. It also contains articles of interest, specialist topic books, and books that you may borrow.

Suggestions and Complaints

Should you have a concern regarding any aspect of your child’s education and care please speak directly with your educator, or, feel free to contact the visiting teacher or the director.  Please refer to your policies, procedures and practices manual for the process to follow in regards to complaints.  Please place any suggestions or idea for discussion to better our service at reception or feel free to email us any time.