Costs & Subsidies


Busy Bodies Childcare is available all year apart from Statutory holidays and over Christmas & New Year period during the year. There is no charge for these days when our service is not available.  No administration fees.

Pre-school Children

Standard Hours                            $7.00 per hour

Any Absence                                $7.00 per hour

ELP Fee                                       $9.00 per hour

Sibling discount is offered.
Further discounts will be offered on a case by case basis.
Company discounts are negotiated on enrolment.

(No minimum hours required)

School Children

School Children                             $9.00 per hour

Any absence                                  $9.00 per hour



20 Hours ECE Free Subsidy

From your child’s 3rd birthday you will be entitled to receive up to 20 Hours ECE per week, with a maximum of 6 hours per day. Busy Bodies Childcare is a registered provider for this scheme and we will work with you to do the application required.
For more information on this go to Ministry of Education 20 hours ECE


ELP Family Start Programme

You can access up to 20 Hours [ELP] Early Learning Programme through a family/whanau worker. Family Start is a free and voluntary home based programme that provides intensive ongoing support to parents of new born children for the first five years of a child’s life.  Please contact works


Work and Income Childcare Subsidy (WINZ)

Your family may be eligible for a Work and Income Childcare Subsidy. If you need an application please asks on enrolment or you can access the application from Work and Income directly.

  • WINZ only pays for the hours that your child attends an early childhood service, so you need to be aware that any extra fee incurred not covered by your subsidy will be included in your fees.
  • Full fees are payable until the subsidy begins.
  • Any change to your child’s contracted hours and days must be notified to the office, as this may affect your Subsidy

To find out if you are eligible for any assistance visit the WINZ website to find all the forms and information you need.

You will need to bring the application into our Busy Bodies Office so we are able to complete the appropriate Child Care section. It is then your responsibility to return the completed application to Work and Income.


Community Based Learning


Bush Buddies

Every fortnight the Educators and children have the opportunity to come along to Bush Buddies. This is held in a different location each term.
Children are able to explore their natural environment and talk about some of their working theories about how their world works.

Busy Bodies also provides Drop n Gym, Chipmunks and community outings – FREE to you


Spontaneous Outings

As part of the enrolment process parents give signed permission for their children to go on outings with their educator. Educators may take the children on spontaneous excursions, for example; a farm trip; If you are in agreement you would need to give your permission signing a Risk Management Plan. If costs are involved for these it would need to arranged prior to excursions between the parents and the educator individually. These excursions are set out as per our Excursions Policy.



You are to provide your child’s daily food for the duration of childcare. If your child has any special dietary requirements then it is your responsibility to provide these. Due to peanut allergies, Busy Bodies is a Nut Free Zone. Busy Bodies aim to provide environments that use family and cultural values to support healthy nutrition practices.