Infants – Under 2yrs

Planning your return to work either part-time of full-time can be quite a difficult time for any mum. Here at Busy Bodies we do our best to ensure that the transition is as seamless as possible for you and your baby.

As all parents know, sleeping and feeding routines are the key to everyone’s health and well-being and our educators will work with you to ensure that your little one continues their home routine while in their home.

With home-based care, your little baby will get to sleep undisturbed in a quiet room on their own where they can get those all important daytime naps and be refreshed and ready to play with you after work.

If you wish to continue breastfeeding your baby, our educators are more than happy to help you continue this routine whether you wish to provide expressed milk to be bottle-fed or to come by their home to feed during the day.

Busy Body educators will only ever have 2 infants in their care at any time so you can be assured that your little one will get plenty of attention and stimulation from their educator and the other children.