Introducing StoryPark ePortfolios!

As parents you’ll often wonder what your little ones get up to during their time with their educator! We’ve been giving you an insight into this through their progress learning book portfolio. However, we have recently started using an online version of your child’s learning book called Story Park ePortfolioslogo-storypark. The ePortfolio will replace the printed book that you may have received in the past and you will be receiving update notifications via email when a new story has been posted.

We are really excited to be using this tool and hope that it will help you as parents/guardians to have a more interactive involvement with your child’s learning experiences and developments when they are in the care of their educator. It also allows our educators to share video clips, photos and activities with you in an easy and interactive way.

While the ePortfolio is accessed only by parents/guardians, you can also share these moments with extended family or friends by a simple click of the mouse!

We hope you will enjoy following the development of your child in this way and would love you to interact with educators and give your feedback on ePortfolio story entries.